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To all of our patients,
With new reports about the Covid-19 changing daily it is understandable to feel concerned. I want to take a moment to ensure all patients we are here to continue the care you need. Rose Women’s Health will operate with normal business hours Mon-Fri 7:00am – 4:00pm. Our practice has always followed all industry standards for infection control. We are continuously disinfecting our waiting areas, restroom, operatories, and electronic devices, after every patient. All instruments are sterile and sterilized after usage. For our patient’s safety we are limiting each patient to one guest, and allowing only one patient in our waiting area. Screening calls will be made to monitor and kindly ask our patients that exhibit any levels of illness to please stay home. If you have traveled in the last two weeks, we kindly as you to inform our front staff and reschedule your appointment.
Especially for my maternity patients, I know our fears are growing with all of the news we receive daily, but rest assured we are all working hard to protect you.  All prenatal patients must be seen for their appointments, please do not cancel your appointments through the portal. If you are a prenatal patient and exhibiting levels of illness please call the office for further instructions.
In addition, Methodist Hospital is keeping all patients safe and working hard to keep the hospital a safe environment for all. They are screening all people that walk-in with temperature checks.  They are limiting visitors to 1 healthy visitor in all units of the hospital.  No children are allowed to visit at any time during this pandemic. In case you didn’t know all hospitals have cancelled tours and maternity classes due to COVID-19.  The maternity ward is a special unit that is secured and locked.  It also has a designated elevator just for the department once you are admitted for delivery to keep exposures low. 
We will continue to make ourselves available for all patients and information all with any updates. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us, we are available through phone, our portal, or emails. The Safety of our patients is very important to us as well as providing general guidance to address questions and concerns.

Dr. Rose

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