Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy

Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy In Arcadia, CA

In the past, a traditional hysterectomy was an invasive and extensive procedure that required a hospital stay and weeks of recovery. Now, our OBGYNs Dr. Anya Rose and Dr. Megan Gau and the team at Rose Women's Health can provide women in and around Arcadia, CA, with a minimally invasive surgical procedure that promises a simpler and less extensive surgery and a faster recovery time.

What is a hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure designed to remove the uterus and it’s one of the most common procedures performed on women during their reproductive years. Thankfully, advancements in technology now mean that our OBGYN team at Rose Women’s Health can offer vaginal and laparoscopic hysterectomies instead of more invasive open surgical techniques that leave larger surgical scars and a long and often more painful recovery.

Why is a hysterectomy recommended?

There are many reasons why our gynecologists may recommend having a hysterectomy. A hysterectomy may be performed if a woman has been diagnosed with cancer of the uterus or ovaries (in this case, a hysterectomy can be a literal lifesaver). In other instances, a hysterectomy can dramatically improve a woman’s quality of life if she is dealing with severe pain or heavy bleeding caused by,

  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine prolapse
  • Pelvic adhesions
  • Hyperplasia (can cause heavy, irregular bleeding)

While many of these conditions can be treated through medications and other options, sometimes a hysterectomy is the best solution when nonsurgical treatment options haven’t worked.

How is a minimally invasive hysterectomy different from traditional methods?

One of the key differences of a minimally invasive hysterectomy is that much smaller incisions are made to the abdomen, which means a smaller, less visible scar and a speedier recovery process. Through these small incisions, we will place a thin, flexible tube known as a laparoscope to remove the uterus. Alternatively, the uterus can also be removed through an incision made in the vagina. Both procedures are performed while the patient is under anesthesia. It takes about 4-6 weeks for a full recovery, which is much shorter than the typical 6-8 weeks with traditional surgery. Since surgical incisions are much smaller, patients often report less pain and discomfort.

If you’ve been told that you need a hysterectomy, you could be a candidate for a minimally invasive hysterectomy. To learn more about this procedure, call Rose Women's Health in Arcadia, CA, at (626) 461-7071 to schedule a consultation with our team of experts.

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