Exploring Female Infertility: Diagnosis and Treatment Options

As you start the journey to begin your family, it can be difficult. You may run into issues along the way, and this can be overwhelming and add more stress to the entire process. When you continue to have difficulty conceiving, this is known as infertility. There are different reasons for female infertility and different ways to treat many of these issues. Dr. Anya Rose, Dr. Megan Gau, and Dr. Christine Horton at Rose Women’s Health in Arcadia, CA, can explain common infertility causes and how they can often be treated.

Dealing With Infertility

Infertility is when you’re unable to conceive after a year of regular, unprotected intercourse. Several issues can cause infertility and your OBGYN in Arcadia, CA, can help you address and treat many of these issues. Infertility can occur in men and women, so it’s important to know what your specific issues are and if it’s a problem with one person or the couple.

One common cause of infertility issues can be ovulatory disorders. This means that you’re experiencing irregular or absent ovulation. This affects when you’re ovulating and can decrease your chances of getting pregnant. Your OBGYN can address this issue and help you monitor your ovulation with medications that can help improve it.

Other causes for infertility can be caused by structural issues within the reproductive organs. A common issue is polycystic ovary syndrome, also known as PCOS. PCOS can cause hormonal imbalances and irregular periods, which can also lead to a lack of ovulation. While it cannot be cured, it can be treated with medications and fertility treatments.

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