Common Causes of Infertility

If you are suffering from infertility in Arcadia, CA, you know what a frustrating and traumatic condition it is. Dr. Anya Rose and Dr. Megan Gau of Rose Women's Health offer a caring atmosphere as well as the latest in fertility treatments. They will run all the necessary tests to determine what problems may exist and discuss how they can be overcome.

Blocked Fallopian Tube

Eggs travel from the ovaries through the fallopian tubes on their way to the uterus. If the tube is blocked, the eggs can't get through. Fertilization happens in the fallopian tubes, so if it is blocked the sperm can't get through to fertilize the egg. If only one tube is blocked, the other can take over and do the job. If both are blocked, surgery to remove the blockage may be a possibility. It depends on how extensive the blockage is. 


This condition causes the tissues that are supposed to be inside the uterus to grow outside the uterus. The blood has nowhere to go every month and attaches itself to other organs, including the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus. It causes irregular menstrual cycles, painful periods, and infertility. Your doctor can recommend some potential treatments for endometriosis. 

Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are benign growths that are on the outside or in the walls of the uterus. They are not dangerous, but they can make it harder to get pregnant. 

Being Overweight or Underweight

The same suggestion holds true for women who are overweight and those who are underweight. You will have a better chance of getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy if you are at a healthy weight. Talk to your doctor for suggestions about what that weight is for you. 

Being Over 35 Years Old

As women have become more career driven, they have been waiting later to start their family. Fertility in women begins to decline after age 30 and declines faster after 35. Fewer eggs are produced as you get older and the quality of the eggs declines. It is a good idea to have a fertility assessment in your 20s even if you don't plan to start your family at that time. 

Failure to Ovulate

Failure to ovulate is the most common reason for infertility in women in Arcadia, CA. It can have many causes, including polycystic ovarian syndrome. With this syndrome, women have high levels of male hormones, irregular periods, and many cysts in their ovaries.  

When you are having trouble conceiving, Dr. Rose and Dr. Gau of Rose Women's Health provide the latest infertility treatments in Arcadia, CA. You can reach us at (626) 461-7071 to set up an appointment.

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