What Is an IUD?

At Rose Women's Health, Dr. Anya Rose and Dr. Megan Gau are here for all your women's health needs, including birth control. One option you have for birth control is an intrauterine device. If you're interested in IUD insertion in Arcadia, CA, keep reading and don't hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

What Is An IUD?

An IUD or intrauterine device is a small, t-shaped device that is placed into the uterus by a doctor. IUDs prevent pregnancy very effectively for up to 10 years. They can also be removed at any time if you decide you want to try for pregnancy.

IUDs can be hormonal or copper. Copper IUDs prevent pregnancy by making it much more difficult to fertilize an egg, essentially killing the sperm. Hormonal IUDs release the hormone progestin to prevent pregnancy by stopping ovulation so there is no egg to fertilize.

What Should I Expect?

IUD insertion in Arcadia, CA, is a relatively quick appointment with your doctor. The doctor uses a speculum like when you get a pap smear. You can expect some discomfort when your doctor inserts the speculum to help them see inside the vagina.

The IUD is inserted through the cervix and into the womb. Some patients find the fitting painful, but it only takes about five minutes. A local anesthetic is possible, so talk to your doctor about this option if you're worried about the pain. A nurse or whoever fits the IUD will teach you how to tell from the threads that hang down from the IUD if it is in the proper place.

After the insertion, you may experience period-like cramps, and then when you get your period it may change. With copper IUDs, periods can be heavier or more frequent for the first 3 to 6 months after insertion. Hormonal IUDs may actually improve some period symptoms. Rose Women's Health is here to help when you're curious about an IUD. To make an appointment with Dr. Anya Rose and Dr. Megan Gau for IUD insertion in Arcadia, CA, contact us at (626) 461-7071.

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