What Can Cause Heavy Periods?

Heavy periods can be a real inconvenience, but more than that, they can be an indication that something more serious is going on. If you are troubled with heavy periods, Dr. Anya Rose and Dr. Megan Gau of Rose Women's Health in Arcadia, CA offer comprehensive women's health care.

What is considered a heavy period?

Sometimes you may think your period is heavier than others, but medically speaking, what exactly is considered a heavy period known as menorrhagia? 

  • Hourly soaking through pads or tampons
  • Needing to wear two pads or a pad and a tampon
  • Bleeding for more than a week
  • Bleeding out large clots
  • Heavy overnight bleeding causing disrupted sleep
  • Feeling tired or experiencing other symptoms of anemia
  • Not being able to perform normal activities due to your period
  • Pain in your lower stomach that doesn't go away

What causes heavy periods?

Heavy periods have a variety of causes. 

Fibroids - These growths are not cancerous and grow on the outside, the inside, or within the muscles of the uterus. They cause a variety of different symptoms, including excessive bleeding.

Cancer - Uterine cancer or cervical cancer can cause heavy bleeding during your period. Don't downplay any symptoms or discomfort you are having. Make sure your GYN knows exactly what is going on. 

Birth control - Some types of birth control methods can cause heavy periods. If you are using a copper IUD this can be a cause of heavy menstruation, as well as birth control shots. However, birth control pills are often used to help control excessive menstrual bleeding. 

Hormone imbalance -  A hormone imbalance can cause excessive bleeding. The hormone imbalance can be caused by a variety of things including obesity, thyroid problems, and insulin resistance. 

Illnesses - There are some illnesses that can cause heavy menstruation. These include blood disorders, liver, kidney, and thyroid conditions, and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Many treatment options are available that can help with heavy periods and discussing it with your GYN is the first step you should take. There is no need to suffer from this condition, help is available.  

If heavy periods are causing you to be uncomfortable or making your life difficult, contact Rose Women's Health in Arcadia, CA, and let Dr. Rose and Dr. Gau get to the bottom of what the problem is. Call the office for an appointment at (626) 461-7071.

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