Are You Dealing with Heavy Periods?

Heavy periods are a condition that many women deal with. Having a gynecologist who can help you find the best option for treating the condition and is sympathetic is important. Dr. Anya Rose, Dr. Megan Gau, and Dr. Christine Horton of Rose Women's Health provide complete women's health care in Arcadia, CA.

What is a heavy period?

 You may have questions in your mind about whether you are dealing with a heavy period. Is what you are experiencing normal? Should you be asking a doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment or are you overreacting?  Many women live with heavy periods, and it isn't something you need to do. If you have heavy periods in Arcadia, CA the doctors at Rose Women's Health will help. 

The medical name for heavy bleeding is Menorrhagia. To be considered heavy a period must require that you change your tampon or pad in less than two-hour intervals. If you pass a clot that is larger than a quarter coin, you have a heavy period. If you are bleeding for more than seven days, you have a problem. When your period is disrupting your life and stopping you from being able to do the things you want to do, it is time to see your doctor. 

Helping you deal with a heavy period

 Many things can cause heavy periods. The very first thing that needs to be determined is what is causing your heavy periods. That may require some testing to see if you have any fibroids that may be causing the excessive bleeding. Your doctor will also discuss your medical history, including when you got your first period, how long your periods last, and how often they come. You may need to have blood work done, a pap smear, an ultrasound, or an endometrial biopsy. 

Depending on your age and what your future plans are in relation to your family, doctors have many options to offer. It may be that a D&C can help to get things back working correctly. If you are past childbearing, then an endometrial ablation is a one-time fix that can solve the issue. Hormone therapy in the form of birth control pills or an intrauterine device is an option. Many things determine what is the best treatment for you and that needs to be a discussion that you have with your gynecologist.  

Dr. Rose, Dr. Gau, and Dr. Horton of Rose Women's Health can help you find the best way to treat your heavy periods in Arcadia, CA. Give our office a call at (626) 461-7071 to make an appointment. 

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