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An annual well-woman exam is the best preventive step toward your gynecological health. Dr. Anya Rose of Rose Women’s Health in Arcadia, CA provides well-woman exams that include a pelvic and breast exam, as well as pap smears and various screenings.

Annual Well-Woman Exam

Why Should I Get an Annual Well-Woman Exam at Rose Women’s Health?

By getting an annual well-woman exam from Dr. Rose at Rose Women’s Health you are taking the best preventive measure for your gynecological and reproductive health. During a well-woman exam, your OB/GYN is checking for any signs that something is not as it should be. This is also the time when Dr. Rose can answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your gynecological health. Most importantly, by going to your OB/GYN annually for well-woman checks you get a chance to develop a trusting relationship with your doctor. This is crucial for situations, such as healthcare emergencies, when you want a doctor at your side who knows you and your medical history.

What can I Expect During a Well-Woman Visit?

When you go to your gynecologist for a well-woman visit the exam will likely include a pelvic examination, breast examination, and a pap smear, in addition to a general health check-up. From here your gynecologist may prescribe further testing and procedures depending on her initial findings. If you are at an increased risk for certain medical conditions, such as breast cancer, due to age or family history, Dr. Rose may recommend more specialized exams, such as a mammogram. Other testing that is likely to occur during a well-woman exam includes a physical exam detailing your blood pressure, weight, and height. The exam is your opportunity to make note of any concerns or issues you have regarding your gynecological health. You will also need to bring a list of any medications, OTC or prescribed, that you are taking to include in your medical history.

What Happens If Dr. Rose Finds a Health Issue During the Well-Woman Exam?

If Dr. Rose detects something is not right during your well-woman exam she will likely need to run additional tests. This will sometimes involve you returning for a second appointment. Additional testing is important to better identify your health issue. By going to your annual well-woman exams on schedule you have the best opportunity of early detection in the instance that you have a condition or illness that needs treatment.

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