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First Pregnancy Appointments

Congratulations on the beginning of a wonderful journey! With a bundle of joy comes a bundle of information. We at Rose Women's Health are here to help!

Your first appointment will revolve around doing an ultrasound to date your pregnancy and make sure all is well. We will go over basic information and draw your routine prenatal labs.

At your next visit, the first half of this appointment is similar to that of an annual gynecological exam. It is at this time that we kindly ask for partners to remain in the waiting room. But don't worry, we will invite them into the room once we listen to your baby's heartbeat. The provider will perform a pelvic exam, breast exam, and a pap smear (if you are due for one). The medical assistant will also gather all relevant information such as your vital signs, medications, and symptoms. We strongly encourage patients to inform us if they are experiencing nausea, vomiting, or bleeding of any kind.

The prenatal portion of your appointment will begin with the provider informing you both about general pregnancy guidelines such as travelling, safety, nutrition, sex, etc. The provider will provide an open space to ask any questions you or your partner may have! So don't forget to bring that trusty notebook of yours:) We save the best for last, listening to your precious baby's heartbeat!

I guess now you know what to expect when you're...expecting :)

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