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Dr. Anya Rose, board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Megan Gau, MD and the team with Rose Women's Health, offer complete and comprehensive OB/GYN services for women in the Arcadia, California community and throughout the San Gabriel Valley. Our goal is to promote women's health in a caring and professional environment tailored to the unique needs of each of our patients. The practice offers well-woman screenings, complete pregnancy care, birth control, HPV/STD testing, infertility treatment, and minimally-invasive surgery

With the experienced, understanding, and caring medical professionals at Rose Women's Health, women of all ages can access a vast range of health and wellness treatment options with ease. For example, in years past, women often faced major surgery for gynecological problems like heavy bleeding, fibroids, or cancer. Rose Women's Health provides some of the most advanced treatment options, such as robotic surgery and laparoscopic surgery, including da Vinci Surgery, which uses a 3D high-definition system and tiny instruments that rotate more smoothly than hands, ensuring precision and less time in surgery.

Rose Women's Health understands the distinct needs and concerns of women of all ages. From helping you find safe and effective birth control to getting comprehensive health screens, Dr. Rose and her skilled team provide detailed information to help you decide which form of birth control is best for your needs and lifestyle.

If you're looking for an experienced, attentive, and caring OB/GYN, call or book an appointment online to meet with Dr. Rose or Dr. Gau at Rose Women's Health today.

Click below to watch Dr. Rose discuss heavy menstrual bleeding with American Health Journal.

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Insurance and Billing

We accept most traditional PPO insurance plans and Medicare. Please contact our office to verify acceptance of your plan. Qualifications for insurance coverage may differ due to the uniqueness of each procedure. If we are not contracted with your plan, please let us know.

Open Payments Database Notice For informational purposes only, a link to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Open Payments web page is provided here. The federal Physician Payments Sunshine Act requires that detailed information about payment and other payments of value worth over ten dollars ($10) from manufacturers of drugs, medical devices, and biologics to physicians and teaching hospitals be made available to the public.

Meet Our Providers

Learn Who We Are

  • Anya Rose, MD

    Anya Rose, MD at Rose Women’s Health in Arcadia, California, is a board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist serving patients at all stages of life. Dr. Rose provides convenient access to complete OB/GYN services, including birth control, HPV testing, infertility, pregnancy care, and menopause.


  • Megan Gau, MD

    Megan Gau, MD, MHS, is a highly trained obstetrics and gynecology physician at Rose Women's Health in Arcadia, California.


  • Christine Horton, MD, MSCR

    Christine Horton, MD, MSCR is a board-certified Obstetricians/Gynecologist and Urogynecologist. She provides gynecologic services including minimally invasive surgery, in-office procedures, contraception, hormone therapy and perimenopausal care.



What Our Clients Say About Us

    I've been very happy with the services I've received with them and plan to stick with them for my entire pregnancy. I highly recommend them if you live in the area.

    JAY Y.

    Love this practice- very clean friendly staff and Dr. Rose was the best... I am very happy I found this office. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

    ANA A.

    Dr. Rose has been by far the best. She was very approachable and takes her time to answer all the questions I had.


    Dr. Rose has a wonderful bedside manner, she is easy to talk to. Like a friend, she listens to your concerns, answers your questions realistically...


    Dr. Rose really cares about the patients. Her staff was very polite, friendly, respectful. I am sure of one thing- I don't have to look for another gynecologist.

    MAG R.

    I love Dr Rose, she has been nothing but caring polite and went that extra mile for me and my 3 daughters.


    Dr. Rose takes the time needed with her patients. She listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions.


    I can't say enough about my visit to see Dr. Rose. She is a very compassionate provider that is devoted to her patients.


    Excellent bedside manner and wonderful person. She delivered my 2 babies. I highly recommend her.


    Dr. Rose is an extraordinarily compassionate human being that I am very grateful to have as my physician.


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